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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for effective burglar deterrents, then you’ve come to the right place. At Clearskies Group Pty Ltd, we sell and install security equipment for property owners in and around Tamworth, New South Wales. To learn more about our products and services, read the answers to our clients’ frequently asked questions below.


Why should I install an alarm system in my home or business?

Research has shown that installing an alarm or security systems in your home or business significantly decreases the chances of being burgled or being broken into. Burglars do look for places without alarm systems as they are easier to access and there is less chance of been caught.

Will installing a home or business alarm reduce my insurance premium?

Most major insurance companies will apply a discounts to your insurance premium if you have a monitored alarm system installed on your property. The premiums you pay vary with different insurers and they take into account your location, coverage of the system and any previous insurance claims.

If the power lines are cut will my security systems still work?

Yes! All of our security systems have the option of a battery backup system incase the power is out or has been tampered with.

How often does an alarm system need to be tested and checked and what maintenance is involved?

You should test your alarm systems regularly to ensure that it is working properly. Regular tests will ensure that connections to power, phone lines are strong and intact.

Mission and Vision Statement

To service & protect the wider community with quality, affordable Alarm & CCTV products that are reliable & easy to use.